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Winter Essentials

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Screenwash Concentrate

A blend of surfactants and alcohol that combine to rapidly remove dirt and grime from windscreens. It will also help clear frost and ice from windscreens during winter months. Available in: 5Ltr, 25Ltr and 205Ltr containers.


Rock Salt

Helps to promote a safe environment in icy weather. It melts snow and ice quickly. Available in 25Kg bags.


Works in severe weather conditions. A blend of solvents present in the formulation resist re-icing, making driving safer. Available in: 1Ltr trigger sprayers 5ltr containers 25ltr containers.

Winter Workwear

Stocking a large range of winter clothing this year ranging from safety footwear, fingerless gloves, thinsulate hats, thermal clothing, hi vis and much more.


Traffic Film Remover

A blend of wetting agents and surfactants designed to lift off road film and grime from vehicles. Available in 25Ltr and 205Ltr containers.  Very competitively priced.

Snow Shovels

Supplied in different sizes, they are lightweight and easy to use.


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