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Vehicle Cleaning

The exacting standards required by the professional valeter have led to the compilation of our Vehicle Cleaning range.

Traffic Film Removers are highly concentrated products with the ability to cut through the toughest of grime quickly. It works by penetrating the soiling, breaking down the bonds that hold the film together and lifting the dirt into suspension.

D2 Industrial Ltd has carefully formulated several Traffic Film Removes and vehicle cleaning products designed to be effective on all types of vehicles from agricultural vehicles to cars, light commercials and heavy haulage.

Our valeting products have been intended to improve the appearance of vehicles and give uncompromised performance whilst maintaining competitive prices. Ongoing assessment of materials and manufacturing processes keeps the range at the forefront of quality.  


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High levels of Caustic coupled with a sophisticated blend of detergents gives rise to a very hard hitting product used for cleaning very heavily soiled chassis and running gear where dulling of paintwork is not an issue. Highly effective at removing heavy oil and grime. Use with appropriate PPE.



Our low cost, highly effective TFR used for cleaning a vast array of commercial vehicles. Its performance is greater than its cost would suggest. Ideal product for high volume users.

ETW Traffic Film Remover


A rich blend of detergents and water softeners produce a very effective car shampoo for use with sponge/brush. It leaves minimal water on the vehicle when rinsed.

Car Shampoo


Screenwash is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted to suit a range of weather conditions, and temperatures. Diluted upto 10:1 does not form ice crystals at -5°C

Screenwash Concentrate


A ready to use version of our Screenwash Concentrate.

Screenwash Pre-Dilute


A superior product to many on the market, For a smear free window use Reflection with paper wipers. May be used glass, mirrors ceramic surfaces.



A sophisticated blend of surfactants has been selected to produce a rich foam designed to lift off road film and grime from vehicles.

HF20 - High Foam Vehicle Cleaner


Carnauba wax, detergents and hydrotropes coupled with a highly effective water softener package leave cars looking sparkling after washing and drying. Additives within the product cause water to bead off when rinsed.

Wash and Wax


A synergistic blend of emulsifiers, surfactants and solvents combine to produce a highly effective traffic film remover incorporating materials that actively help bead water from the surface of the vehicle. Manufactured and sold direct to customers across the UK we have a long list of customers using this product due to its highly effective cleaning and mildness to vehicle paintwork and livery.

T20 Traffic Film Remover