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Metal Working Fluid

Extensive and diverse range of innovative metal working fluids manufactured in Hinckley, designed to meet customer requirements even in the most challenging environments.  

Combining innovative technologies with tried and tested materials, we offer a range of products covering most machining techniques and materials used, adapting quickly to meet the demands placed on industry.

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High quality metal cutting and forming fluids have been at the forefront of our growth and development as a company since its conception. From traditional Milky soluble oils to Semi-Synthetic and fully synthetic materials all designed to enhance tool life, product life, component finish, operator considerations and waste issues.

Selecting the right product is key, and at D2 Industrial Ltd we offer trusted, technical and purchasing advice to find a solution for each and every application.

With our in-depth knowledge of the metal working industry coupled with our manufacturing facilities, we can offer bespoke products for specific applications and volume requirements.

The importance of fluid care and system maintenance for modern metalworking fluids cannot be overstated. For larger volume customers, we offer a Fluid Care service to help maintain coolants in good condition and prolong sump life amongst other benefits.

Sufficient training is integral when working with metal working fluids. D2 Industrial Ltd is on hand to support customers with training materials and technical information, as well as on-site training with multiple employees.    

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