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Hydraulic Oils and Lubricants

We now supply virtually every industrial group with oils and lubricants from transport to textile manufacturing. Both conventional and synthetic oils are available.  

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Hydral Hydraulic Oils

A range of quality mineral oil based hydraulic and lubricating oils conforming to the international classification ISO Type HM and DIN 51524 Part 2 'Hydraulic Oils Type HLP'. They are formulated from solvent-refined base oils and incorporate additive treatments to provide excellent service life with protection against corrosion, wear, oxidation and foaming.


  • Excellent protection of machinery and systems against corrosion and wear.

  • Excellent service life associated with excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation.

  • Excellent anti-foam and de-aeration performance.

  • Compatible and miscible in storage and in service with most other mineral oils.

  • Good filterability for use in conjunction with most hydraulic and lubricating oil system filters.


Hydral Hydraulic Oils are suitable for most hydraulic systems where high levels of anti-wear and protection are required in conjunction with good service life reliability.  They are also suitable for a wide range of other applications where machinery lubricants with excellent anti-wear lubrication and resistance to degradation in service are required. Applications can include systems incorporating high speed gears and bearings, pumps, blowers and other uses where this type and quality of lubricant can assist with lubricants rationalisation for the ISO Viscosity Grades available.

They are fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, e.g.

Nitryl Butyl (PERBUNAN* or BUNA N*)

Fluorinated (VITON*/TEFLON*)

Perfluorinated (KABREZ*)

Polyurethane (APIPRENE*)

Polyester (HYTREL*)

Transway XT Range Machine Tool Slideway Lubricants

Transway XT Oils are specially formulated machine tool slideway lubricants blended from the highest quality solvent refined base oils and ash less multi-functional performance additives.


Designed to eliminate “stick-slip” in slideway applications.

Tenacious, creep and loss resisting properties, particularly useful on horizontal beds or vertical columns.    

Higher viscosity grades may be used as industrial gearbox lubricants.