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Floor Care

The ongoing care and maintenance of floor areas has been proven time and time again to be a sound business investment yet is often overlooked until either a client is due to visit, or an accident occurs.

A well presented and maintained floor, whether in a hotel or an engineering plant not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the area but has also been proven to reduce the number of accidents.

A comprehensive range of floor care materials, selected to provide you with the correct products to repair, coat, clean, and maintain all types of floors. Assistance in the selection, preparation, and application of any of our floor care materials is available upon request.

Using a supplier with the knowledge and technical ability to support your company has the following advantages:

  • Correct product selection        

  • Advice in the preparation of the floor areas      

  • Advice in the application of products

  • Problem solving

  • Advice and training for staff

  • Additive application (if necessary)

  • Establish routine cleaning procedures

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