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Alcohol Hand Gel Now Available . Please call/email for details!

About Us

Established in 2008, our company has grown steadily, providing industry and commerce with high performance chemical solutions.

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The trade counter at Hinckley is filling rapidly with ever increasing stock levels and new lines. We supply the best quality products from personal protective equipment, janitorial products to car care, all at competitive prices.
A number of suppliers have moved quickly to assist with stocks and speedy deliveries which has helped us to respond as quickly as we can to orders that have been placed.
Quality in all areas of the company’s activities is systematise and constantly reviewed.
Our commitment to providing up to date, detailed Health and Safety information exceeding the expectations of customers.
What We Do:
  • Manufacture in house chemical solutions.  
  • Continued product research and development.    
  • Broad and diverse range of products.
  • Bespoke fluid manufacturing.
  • Small and large batch facilities.
  • Manufacture and deliver to your door – no middlemen/distributors.
  • High stock levels of products at all times – reducing lead times.
  • Technical support and backup for all products.
  • Prompt, professional and competitive supplier.  
  • 72 hours delivery tailored to your needs.